Desiree Perez Helps Jay-Z Run Roc Nation

A good number of people are going to take the time to check out the growing roster that Roc Nation has. People are interested in it because this is a company that is growing with a tremendous amount of talent. It may be true that Jay-Z helped get the name out there because this is his company, but the person that is making the company grow and evolve is Desiree Perez.

She is the one that is doing the hard work, and Jay-Z has commended her many times for this and even utilized her skills of negotiating to help him with the restructuring of Tidal and read full article.

Desiree Perez has shown herself to be a very intricate part of the business world that Jay-Z has created. He built a name for himself as a rapper with Grammys and platinum albums, but there is more in store for Jay-Z as a businessman as he gets older. He realizes that rap is something that he would not have any plans to do as he became older so he would take on more business ventures. Desiree Perez has been the one that helped him with the growth of Roc Nation when he had more artists than he had time to help develop and what Dez Perez knows.

Desiree Perez has also shown herself to be a very insightful person when it comes to negotiating contracts for artists that are part of the Roc Nation roster. Desiree Perez has definitely done a considerable amount of work for Jay-Z, and she has helped him sort out the things that can make all of his business ventures better. She has been praised for her work, and it appears that she is only getting started with her leadership role. She is one of the best resources that Jay-Z could have in the entertainment business and Dez Perez on Facebook.