How Securus Technologies Made Our Prison Safer

Each time that the inmates in my prison get their hands on illegal contraband, it makes it that much less safer for officers, inmates, and all the visitors to the facility. One weapon in the hands of an inmate could make for some very troubling times. In order to keep the contraband out of the jail, we have a few resources we have come to rely on.

The first is using the equipment in the visitor center to scan every person that walks into the prison. Although most people are aware they can not bring things to the jail, many do not realize how cunning these inmates can be. They can take something as innocent as a toothbrush and file down the end to a point, something they can now use to stab another in the next or chest and cause fatal injuries. Each visitor is physically checked and run through scanners to see if they are carrying anything they should not.

We even follow-up the searches with random surprise cell inspections. Many times we find the things that got past the guards in the visitor center, but these inmates are exceptionally well at hiding things right in plain sight. Securus Technologies installed a new inmate call monitoring system earlier this year, and this has become one of the most powerful resources that we have in the fight to keep the jail safe.

The system does the work of many officers, and this year already we picked up on conversations with an inmate talking to a family member about concealing cocaine and passing it to them at the visitor center. We discovered new hiding spots in the prison where inmates were storing their contraband. Our team was even able to identify a visitor who was bringing in excessive amounts of contraband to the jail inmates.