Ija Gorelik Explains The Importance of Messaging Communications To Brands

In this century, where everything is being digitalized, the challenge several firms are facing is being able to communicate with their clients regarding their expectations of products and the services they need. Martech interviewed Ija Gorelik concerning his company Mitto. Ija Gorelik serves as Mitto as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing major firm operations. The interview’s main focus was on customer communication and how it can help take the company to greater heights.

According to the Chief Operating Officer at Mitto company, they focus on ensuring customers get reliable and high-quality communications from the company’s managerial team and its employees. The firm was launched in 2013 to provide top-notch communication services through the state-of-the-art Application-to-Person SMS messaging platform. The firm expanded and integrated the use of other chat apps like Messenger, Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp. It also started using voice and chatbots to enhance customer and company communication.

Mitto is a global company with customers from all over the world. These clients have different preferences for interacting with the brands. Some prefer SMS, while others find Viber or WhatsApp the most appropriate. Some have no issues interacting with the brand on either platform as long as they receive high-quality services and products. According to the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, he has done intense research to enable them to understand how customers wish to interact with their brands.

Ija Gorelik, Mitto’s Chief Operating Officer, believes that technology will always keep growing. Customers will always choose a communication channel they find most appropriate, comfortable, and exciting. Gorelik confirms that he must educate customers on the importance of selecting an omnichannel approach instead of a multichannel one. These communication channels are essential because they protect brands from losing their customers and revenue decline.