Jessica Dean, a journey to becoming a successful DOBS Partner Attorney


Jessica Dean is a professional lawyer working with the Dean Omar Branham Shirley law firm. She has been working in the law industry for almost two decades now. Jessica says that her greatest motivation is her father, who used to work for lengthy periods of 80 hours and with impressive professional ethics.

Jessica Dean attained her bachelor’s degree in economics from magnum University and an economics degree from the University of Boston. Through this, she has been able to gain an extensive knowledge of the economic situation and has gained a good grasp of the market conditions. This has enabled her to provide a better service to her clients. She is also a member of the bar association for over 15 years now and is regularly invited to conferences and seminars on various topics like; corporate governance, capital market, real estate investment trusts, international law practice, etc.

Jessica Dean has earned the trust and loyalty of her clients due to the impeccable services that she offers with great passion. She states that all the professional services she provides are based on legal precedents set in past cases. She ensures that she keeps up with these precedents and uses them to offer new solutions to new problems that may arise in future cases. Jessica says that it is essential for any lawyer to understand what the client wants from their professional services to ensure that they get the best out of their investment.

Jessica has successfully defended many clients and helped them get their claims, including the one with asbestos used in many products and is also known to cause cancer. The client with mesothelioma was unaware of the dangers in the company he was working with. He had been exposed to asbestos for a long time and had developed cancer symptoms. Jessica Dean was able to help him get compensation for his losses. She also helped other clients who had been wrongfully terminated from their jobs and helped them get compensation for the losses they incurred.

Jessica Dean has been able to gain a good reputation for herself because she is honest and sincere in her work. She knows how important it is for any person to trust their lawyer as they are often dealing with sensitive information that needs utmost protection and confidentiality. She always makes sure that all the information she provides her clients with is accurate and up-to-date so that there are no double meanings or misinterpretations of what the client wants from their professional services. Jessica Dean states that lawyers must keep up with all the changes in law and regulation. Otherwise, they will not be able to provide solutions that can help clients overcome their legal problems.

In addition to this, she has also represented clients with claims of injury, liability claims, and unpaid wages. She says that she has achieved great success in these kinds of cases because she is an experienced lawyer who knows all the legal loopholes and how to use them to her advantage.

Attorney Jessica Dean ranks at the top of her field.
Attorney Jessica Dean ranks at the top of her field.