Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Going Places with its Review-Centric Marketing Approach

Kate Hudson, 38, came into the limelight in the early 2000’s for her roles in award-winning movies. For example, in 2000, Kate played Penny Lane in the movie “Almost Famous” for which she won the Golden Globe award and was nominated for other awards. Kate is known in America and the world over as an iconic actress, but recently she acquired another title: an innovative entrepreneur.

Kate, a mother of two, might be mistaken for a lady in her mid-20s, thanks to her athletic body. She leads an active lifestyle, and she is passionate about helping women attain their desired physiques through living an active life. What a better way to inspire women (or men) to engage in physical exercises than providing for them stylish, superior quality, and reasonably priced activewear clothing? To this end, Kate and other individuals (Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg) who share her philosophy founded Fabletics in October 2013; a company meant to promote the athleisure trend.

Of course, one of the crucial tasks of any new company is acquiring clients (sometimes from its competitors). Fabletics has demonstrated to all and sundry that it understands the modern consumer who is largely review-centric. According to Fabletics and other visionary companies in the consumer goods category, modern consumers (who prefer shopping through the internet) source for “user reviews” of a product or service and analyze them before making their purchases; user reviews determine whether customers acquire a product or a service. Of course, positive reviews encourage customers to purchase while negative reviews push them away.

From the first day that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics joined the consumer goods market, the company adopted a review-centric marketing strategy among other innovative approaches that resonate well with modern consumers. The company’s marketing strategies, especially the review-centric approach, seem to be paying off as the company has expanded substantially. The 4-year-old fashion company has grown by over 200% since it was founded. Also, it has expanded to new markets beyond the U.S such as Canada, Spain, Germany, etc. The startup is going places, literally. According to Fabletics, its paying members are over one million, and as a result, its revenues are approaching $235 million. The company’s expansion plans are in high gear as the company recently opened new stores in the U.S and introduced a new men’s line. Fabletics is giving a headache to well-established brands in the fashion some of which are as old as 20 years.

Statistics indicate that consumers trust online user reviews as they would trust product/service recommendations from friends. Also, consumer brands are widely going the Fabletics’ way: adopting a review-centric marketing approach. As more people embrace the internet, only companies that are consumer-centered like Fabletics will weather the cutthroat competition storm.

Kate has been at the forefront of ensuring that Fabletics attains its goals. She has been a hands-on person taking an active role in managing the company, for example; she is involved in designing Fabletics clothing. She regularly samples her favorite Fabletics’ clothing, and she encourages consumers to take the company’s “Lifestyle Quiz” to find out the best Fabletics’ gear for them.