Kelcy Warren American Executive

Kelcy Warren is an American business executive, and is the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners. He has been in the pipeline construction business for over 30 years and his expertise has made him one of the most respected natural gas and propane pipeline operators in America.

In 1998, he founded the company with two partners; one being a former wife who had helped him build up a small company from scratch in 1990 called Headwaters Inc. The other partner ran another small pipeline construction company called Williams Pipe Line Co. In 2006, Williams Pipe Line Co was acquired by Warren’s firm and merged with Headwaters Inc. That year he also became the President and CEO of the new company which was renamed Energy Transfer Partners, LLC

In 1992, Kelcy Warren married his wife Diane. They have seven children, all girls. In 1995, Diane and their oldest daughter Erin ran a small family business called Erin’s Pet Food Factory out of their home in Dallas. The business specialized in wholesale dog food labels and machinery. In 2000, Diane started investing in oil and gas companies like Warren’s, who began investing in different types of businesses as well. In one year, Diane made over a million dollars by buying into energy companies that her husband was invested in. She also built her own real estate company and later started another pet food factory to expand their large pet food distribution network and grow their profits.

Kelcy Warren started buying energy land in the early 2000s when prices began to rise. In 2004, he purchased more than 50,000 acres of land in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. Since then, he has constructed the first interstate natural gas pipeline in the United States by building the Wyoming Pipeline which would transport natural gas to customers in Texas and Oklahoma. The pipeline stretches through some of America’s most rugged terrain and is nearly 1,200 miles long.

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