Launch House – Redefines Community for the Digital Age

The design and philosophy behind the Launch House concept are to remove all barriers that might undermine the sense of community created by building a permanent dwelling for yourself and your neighbors. The idea behind this project is to enable Launch residents- spread out over a large city- to meet up in person quickly and easily, share ideas, build relationships, and form a closer bond than they would have otherwise. Follow Launch House on Twitter for more details.

  1. Early Life

My life would have been different if I had not lived in Launch . I moved to Los Angeles for a Band and Theater Internship (I was still in High School), and when I left, I knew it would be hard to find someone to live with. However, after living together for a few weeks, it became apparent that the only things that held me back from having my place were my insecurities.

  1. Career

I currently work with Spacecraft, a startup that helps spread brands through social media. I also recently performed at Google as an iOS Engineer. I am building Launch House to be my first startup and gain much-needed entrepreneurial experience. Then, after Launch House is off the ground, I plan on helping to build a startup in Brazil called Tic Tac Toe.

  1. Achievements

I made a name for myself as a singer and dancer. And the actor in high school. I also managed to start my own dance company featuring 3rd generation circus performers to bring more life into the art of dance. I then learned how to build iOS Apps and started my own company, Launch House, aiming to change the lives of people around me.

To be successful, I must always continue learning and growing. Launch House is an opportunity to learn how to be a leader. I am creating a community that constantly keeps me on my toes and gives me options I wouldn’t otherwise have.