Miki Agrawal Loves Debunking the Status Quo Of Social Entrepreneurship

There is a long-standing status quo in the world of social entrepreneurship. This status quo is an unspoken rule of women staying how to raise children when they become mothers. A plethora of women have been questioned when they taking on dual roles in motherhood and entrepreneurship. The receive backlash in the business world when they attempt to be part of the housewife community and a member of the entrepreneurial environment. In a male dominated world women are often criticized for trying to split their time between both worlds.


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Miki Agrawal believes that this is nonsense. She does not believe that women should have to give up their entire careers to cater to the status quo that is currently in place. She believes that a lot of women have plans that they have totally abandon in order to succumb to the status quo. This is why Miki Agrawal writes books. This is also the reason why she speaks and uses her voice to debunk the myth that women cannot pursue motherhood and start businesses. She believes that women can still be part of the workforce and be success in their home environments at the same time.

What Miki wants to do is empower other women to see that they can actually create multiple business platforms. They do not have to coward behind the status quo that keeps so many enthusiastic business leaders held hostage. They don’t have to give up on their ideas and dreams to conform that what society has deemed them to be.

Miki Agrawal wants women to know that they can exceed the expectations and break free from the limitations that are holding them back from greatness.

Agrawal is a social entrepreneur that loves tackling more than one opportunity. She encourages other women to do that same.

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