Paul Mamphilly- Invest in electric cars stocks urges investors

If there is one person who knows the American stock markets like the back of his hand, then it is Paul Mamphilly. He is one of the investors in the US stock market. He is not the ordinary investor, but a big player. Before quitting to start his private brokerage firm, he was working as a hedge fund manager in Walls Street. He has about 25 years’ experience in the industry. He is therefore experienced and knows how to study the stock market moves. He is one of the best in the industry depending on a competition that was carried sometime back. Paul Mamphilly won the Templeton Foundation awards as the best fund manager. Each trader was given an investment capital of $ 50 million. The best performing trader would be awarded. Paul Mamphilly emerged the best in the competition managing to floor other brilliant minds in the industry.

Paul Mamphilly provides insight on some of the best opportunities available to investors looking to find good opportunities in the market. He advised the over 2/3 of Americans who have not invested in the stock markets to explore the unending opportunities that exist in the market. According to him, it is the time people broke away from traditional means of investments which attract low interests and try ventures that are likely to multiply their investment faster. Stock markets are one of such ventures and what Paul Mamphilly knows.

The market is full of opportunities that people should grab as quickly as possible. Paul Mamphilly is an advocate of people investing in companies that are supported by technological growth, as they have a higher chance of performing better in the future. Technology trends are appealing, and it can only get better. There are no chances that technology will be deteriorating. Therefore, investors should look for particular products that are likely to perform better in the future. You need to look at products that will be in high demand in years to come and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

Paul Mamphilly gives reference to the cell phones. They have been the best selling product of the 21st century so far. Investors who spotted the growth of the cell phones industry quite early are today smiling all the way to the banks. The cell phones industry has grown at a rate beyond the expectations of many.

Paul Mamphilly gives the example of the electric car industry as one that will witness substantial growth in the future as more and more people are starting to focus on them as replacement of the gasoline cars which are expensive to maintain.

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