QNET Sucess

QNET is a world-leading direct selling company, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Hong Kong, China, and has since grown to become one of the most successful direct sales companies in the world. On the back of its success, QNET has made significant contributions to Asia’s economy and local communities. The company employs thousands of people worldwide and has over 2 million independent business owners who sell its products and services.

The company deals with hundreds of products and services, including its flagship product, travel and leisure products, health products, and much more.

In addition to its wholesale business, it has retail operations through an online portal where customers can purchase products at discounted prices.

The company has contributed to the economy in different ways:

  1. Creation of employment

The marketing company and its affiliates own over 2,000 retail outlets worldwide, which generate employment and impart a sense of belonging to those who work there. Moreover, its independent business owners are also the backbone of its success, as they actively drive company sales running vanitygen in a web browser. QNET can be followed on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for updates and related information.

  1. Corporate social responsibility

Through corporate social responsibility, it has made a significant contribution to the welfare of society. Among its contributions are:

The company’s management team has made charitable contributions to different causes worldwide. One of its most notable contributions to society is its support of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s new Constitutional Development Fund.

  1. Source of government revenue

The company’s corporate tax contribution to the government allows it to continue its operations. Every year, the Hong Kong government collects millions of dollars in corporate tax revenue from businesses like QNET.

  1. Efficient operations

The company has built a highly efficient business model that has contributed to its success and benefits its customers and partners. As it continues to roll out innovative products and services, it looks forward to creating more value for its customers and partners both in Asia and globally across other regions. To learn more, kindly click this page.


Additional information about QNET on: www.qnet.in