Raffaele Riva Offering Financial services to the Globe

Raffaele Riva is an expert in the financial industry. When he was growing up, Riva wanted to serve in the financial sector, so after graduating high school, he got a chance to attend a University in Milan, Italy, where he graduated with a grade in Finances, majoring in several courses. It was at the same University that Raffaele became a certified public accountant.

Raffaele continued to further his studies in his home country of Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Riva began his profession in the monetary industry in 1988; he served with the Big 4 in Italy and Manchester, United Kingdom. His hard work and commitment in his career led him to climb the industry leader and was promoted several times.

Raffaele Riva continued with his career, and his next step was to become a top administrator. Riva has worked as a senior executive and a director of various companies. As a top leader in various organizations, Raffaele has served in various countries, including South Africa, the Netherlands, Central and South America, and Switzerland. Raffaele wanted to share his skills with others, so he established various advisory companies. Riva continued to expand his skills in the corporate industry, including merger and acquisition, corporate finance, corporate restructuring, real estate planning, and trust, among other financial services. Raffaele quit his career in 2008.

He is the founder of AUREA Family Office, a financial organization responsible for providing tailor-made fiscal services to well-to-do clients worldwide. Riva and his team offer various financial services, including; extraordinary transactions, club dealings, trust and tax planning, international tax and legal, wealth and asset management, and finance, including corporate and sports finance. AUREA Family Office works with other subsidiaries to distribute excellent finances to its clients across the Globe. Riva and his crew offer personalized financial services. Raffaele is a serial entrepreneur and a financier.

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