Talk Fusion University Launches 4 Steps To Success Training For Associates

The opportunity to earn more money and grow your business with the Talk Fusion network marketing organization just became easier and much more lucrative for both existing and prospective customers.


Talk Fusion University was recently launched as an online training resource for business partners within the Talk Fusion associates program. Created and executed by the company’s founder and CEO Bob Reina. The former police officer who found success in the multi level marketing industry in the 90’s has developed, tracked and refined his 4 point system for success in the industry and reincarnated it into a virtual online training hub for business owners to watch, learn and succeed with.


One of the great benefits of this training program is that it is accessible to members from anyplace at anytime as long as you have an internet connection, since the training is provided from within the virtual hub and is 100% web based. Allowing participants to learn from Bob’s successful experiences and wealth of knowledge at their own convenience.


The training consists of over 30 videos where Bob walks you through a step by step system and process for leveraging Talk Fusion’s award winning products and business opportunity to people.


Talk Fusion is an all in one Video Marketing solution for business owners that enables them to utilize the power of video marketing and email marketing in a business environment that is being overtaken by the power of video marketing. The platform and products offered by Talk Fusion allow the individual business owners keep up with the big boys so to speak and stand out to their target market audience with engaging, attractive high converting videos.


The suite of products provided to customers includes video email, video chat, video newsletters and live video meetings giving members of the innovative platform a distinct advantage over their competition with such a well rounded strategy and solution to video marketing.


Talk Fusion University is only offered to paid members with an Associates ID. The addition of this advanced training program being provided by a person with such a successful and profitable track record will not only increase the value of membership to current associates but certainly be an attractive draw for new members as well. Learn more: