The Academy Of Art University Is The Very Essence Of Fashion

In the era of quick concepts, fast product turn-around, and high demands for status quo popularity, originality in the fashion industry can feel hard to come by. Innovation and creativity are the things that allow fashion to transcend from functional to artistic. For those fashion and design enthusiasts in need of a break from the average, the runway showcase put on by the Academy of Art University was a breath of fresh air. The academy’s School Of Fashion utilized a diverse group of designers that each brought their own sensibilities and style to the collections they displayed.


Since it’s establishment in 1929, the Academy of Art University has cultivated an attitude of uniqueness and expression toward art and fashion. This year’s runway displays were absolutely a reflection of those sentiments. Each of the designers brought new, fresh perspectives and edgy ideas from all around the globe to create a truly memorable experience that wowed even Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA, who were among those in attendance. Whether from Mexico, China, Los Angeles, California or anywhere in between, all the designers from the largest privately owned design school in the United States let their cultures and personalities meld to create extraordinary, wearable works of art.


Not only were the origins of the designers themselves vast and varied, the origins of their fashion and design choices were also exceptionally diverse. Amid the astounding collections were the inspirations of philosophy, family history, grief, nature and even photographs of everyday life. Their visionary design works, along with their tireless dedication to pushing the boundaries of fashion, have garnered this showcase team a prestigious assortment of accolades, awards and scholarships. Whatever the future of fashion turns out to be, we can all be sure the Academy of Art University will be helping and teaching the ones who create it.