The Colcom Foundation Fights Overpopulation

The world’s population continues to expand and cause problems for the planet’s environment. The overpopulation of planet Earth has been a problem the human race has failed to combat for decades. The Colcom Foundation has been publicizing the global emergency since its founding. The Foundation’s core beliefs include limiting overpopulation’s impacts on the planet. The group is trying to emphasize overpopulation’s impacts areas from its Southwest Pennsylvania home to the national level in the U.S.

The Colcom Foundation has been impacting the overpopulation issue through its support for women’s reproductive rights. The reproduction issue has been through peaks and troughs throughout the life of Colcom. However, the overpopulation issue has pushed the Foundation to continue to support the call for women’s reproductive rights to maintain a manageable population level.

The global emergency produced by overpopulation has the hallmarks of the “Sixth Mass Extinction” event. Colcom’s aims include raising awareness and helping people understand their impact on the environment.

The Foundation is unafraid to get involved in the political issues facing the U.S. The immigration issue is hard to address without appearing to have an outside agenda. The immigration issue is one multiple government agencies have failed to manage in the U.S. Colcom believes the carbon footprint can only be reduced with a push to stabilize and shrink the American population. The Colcom Foundation is fighting to change Government policy to limit immigration for environmental reasons.

The Foundation does not limit its work to national and international problems. Colcom is proving small changes made at a regional level can impact overpopulation and humanitarian disasters. The industrial impact of decades of heavy industry in Southwest Pennsylvania has left a region in ecological decline. The Colcom Foundation is at the heart of the drive to improve the environmental impact of humans on the Southwest Pennsylvania region.

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