The IM Academy

provides access to digital education tools explicitly designed to help individuals learn forex trading and achieve success in currency markets. The company offers virtual training materials to aid people in becoming financially independent through investing.

IM Academy was established in 2013 by Christopher and Isis. Their goal being to create a website where people could find quality forex trading information without going through hours of useless tutorials. The academy has become one of the most significant Forex resources on the internet. With over 250,000 users, the academy offers a wide range of courses that cover everything from beginner to advanced strategies.

IM Academy takes pride on always being an innovative leader in education. They have continuously operated under a remote working policy, allowing them to maintain a flexible workforce without geographic limitations. By cutting down on office costs, they could put their efforts into recruiting the best and brightest talent, no matter where they lived. With the current global crisis caused by COVID-19, the academy remained open and operating as usual.

IM Academy operates by network or multi-level selling. This means that IM’s sales strategy is based on promoting its products and services via a system of independent sales people called IBOs. These Independent Business Owners (IBO) are not employed byf IM. They are compensated on commission only through a multi-level selling compensation plan where commissions on sales of IM products to customers is paid. IBOs also benefit from the opportunity to recruit other IBOs into their team. However, IBOs only get paid indirectly for recruitment efforts. The top known classes are DCX, ECX, FRX and HFX Academies. The school ensures to give students a good package and discounts for those who enroll in all the subjects at once

IM has a team of people who monitor and review the activities of IBOs to ensure that none of them misleads prospective members or charge for services that are not provided. The team also reviews their performance to see if they are meeting expectations. Please click here for more information.

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