The Unique Abilities of Interior Designer Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan is a decorator based in New York that personalizes his designs for each customer based on their needs and vision. In his newest book, “Artfully Modern,” Richard Mishaan which beautifully depicts many luxurious designs of his.


Don’t get him wrong, Richard Mishaan does not necessarily think more expensive things are better but his clientele is often rich people and hotels. While luxury is always at the top of his list, he also focuses on colors, lasting pieces, and the overall feel for what people are looking for. He is a big combiner of different eras, the key is to make everything go together. It may be something that can make them to learn how to fix a broken marriage and something that is apparent in every design he does is that same key concept. For him if he can make an uncommon or different object blend into the design seamlessly, it is a success.


Richard Mishaan spent his childhood in Columbia. He went on to New York where he got his BA and studied at Columbia University School of Architecture. His unique experiences, schooling, and personal expertise have allowed him to create designs that are like no other. His focus on creating a cohesive coexistence between elements that do not necessarily go together is what takes his designs to the next level and sets them a part.


His unique style is showcased throughout his spectacular homes, which are widely accessible to view in his newest book. Interested parties can see first hand how he incorporates different era pieces into a room and makes them look harmonious together. Although he has a unique perspective on decorating, Richard Mishaan is vigilant about incorporating the style of his clients into the vision they have.


Richard Mishaan is a unique designer mastermind. His abilities that are like no other interior designers, have helped to make a name for him in the interior design world. Never boring but always timeless, Richard Mishaan’s Designs are the definition of a masterpiece.