Us Money Reserve & Their Kind Acts

Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm that took place in August of 2017. The storm affected several cities within the state of Texas. Several families were forced to temporarily relocate because of all of the damages. Unfortunately, some people permanently lost their homes, cars, and jobs. Even though there are several recovery funding in place, not everyone has been able to receive the benefits in order to get their lives back on track. The US Money Reserve, a private company that issues Government Gold, decided to team with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to raise money that went directly to the victims that were affected by the storm in the Texas Gulf Coast area.


Since the US Money Reserve is located in the Austin, Texas area, the company felt as if it was only natural to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims. The CEO of Hurricane Harvey, Angela Koch, made a public statement letting the public know that the hurricane hit close to home. She also let everyone know how honored she and the company was to help rebuild the cities of Texas. The US Money Reserve thanked everyone who donated money, blankets, and clothes to help everyone who was effected. The Austin Relief Networked was thrilled to have the pleasure of working with such a great company like the US Money Reserve. It happened to be a really good turnout. Learn more:


The US Money Reserve was founded in the early 2000s, 2001 to be exact. The company was founded by vets in the Gold industry who felt like the Government Gold industry was missing companies who had quality inventory with excellent customer service as well. The US Money Reserve specializes in gold, silver, and platinum products.


They have a fairly large company. The US Money Reserve has great experts on the team that helps them be the best in their field. To ensure that they are giving their customers quality service they have a team of senior gold specialist, coin research specialist, Numismatic Experts, and Sales Verification Personnel. They also have several different departments to ensure that the business is ran properly, including the vault department, the shipping department, the business support department, the customer relations department, the compliance department, and the standards department as well. The leaders of the US Money Reserve started the company with the goal to keep their inventory of high quality and their customer service of high quality as well, they have been doing good living up to their reputation.