Recently, Gen Z-appealing social networking site Yubo has rolled out age-estimating features to make sure customers are posting appropriate content according to their age. The new function has been instituted in light of recent reports from authorities regarding how children are not protected from harmful and inappropriate content on social networking sites.

Yubo’s age-gating technology uses a series of algorithms to estimate users’ age when creating an account. It also uses facial recognition in order to determine the sex of a user. This technology is not completely accurate as it relies a user’s information and its machine-learning capabilities. Yubo hopes this new feature will minimize the chance of users of different ages interacting with each other.

This age estimate is also used in other of the app’s features such as parental control limitations. For example, users under the age of 18 cannot have any contact with users over 18 unless they’ve been verified. It also requires that users under 13 have parental consent to join the site. Also, Yubo has an age filter which restricts user content to those within a certain age range.

Other initiatives put in place include 24/7 monitoring for any suspicious activity or content. Usage is tracked and reported to staff who monitor and delete posts containing offensive language or content. The team at the organisation also works with police and child protection agencies should any suspicious activity be detected. It has put in place a series of automated filters to detect any explicit images or infringement of copyright.

The aim of the age-estimating feature is to create a safe and secure environment for users to interact and share content. The new initiative is part of a larger initiative to promote a more positive and uplifting experience for users of the app. With age-oriented policies, it hopes to filter out any content that might be inappropriate for younger users.

As the parent of a young person, it is important to be aware of the content they are exposed to when using apps like this. By understanding the features and policies that apps like this have implemented, you can be sure your children are safe while they are engaging with the world of social media.