Month: November 2021

How COVID-19 Has Affected Operations at Edgard Corona’s Smart Fit Fitness Centers

November 13, 2021

Before the pandemic struck, Smart Fit fitness centers experienced immense growth, which made them successful. The Fit network of gyms opened a new center every day. However, Covid-19 changed many things. The company’s management closed 900 outlets for four months after the government introduced health protocols that people needed to follow to reduce coronavirus spread….

Heath Ritenour Discusses His Insurance Industry Career and Personal Battles

November 9, 2021

Heath Ritenour is an accomplished insurance industry leader currently serving as the Insurance Office of America (IOA) CEO. IOA is one of the most prosperous independent insurance brokers in the United States. Founded in 1998 by Heath’s father, John Ritenour, the company has built its success over decades to now, where it’s dominating the insurance…