Alejandro Betancourt : visionary investor

Hawkers Co. is a company based in Spain which has sold millions of sunglasses. However, it has a very humble beginning, and its success story is tied to bringing the right personnel into the company. One of these personnel was Alejandro Betancourt, who is a visionary investor. He came up with brilliant ideas and brought them to Hawkers at the right time.

The sunglasses distributor company began in Spain with a group of four friends who had an initial idea of creating a different version of Craigslist. The project was difficult, especially due to inadequate cash flow. However, the four allies found some success in selling a few pairs of sunglasses, which they had sourced from California. When they finally resulted in retail sales, they made over €60 million in selling the products in just four years.

The four friends had started by peddling a type of sunglasses called Knockarounds, which caught the attention of customers from the very beginning. After seeing that the brand was making a lot of money, they decided to expand their business, but there were problems in their inventories. They could hardly make profits even though they sold a lot more than before. At such time, they got connected to Alejandro Betancourt. Because he was an experienced entrepreneur, the four allies asked him to help them manage their inventories. Alejandro Betancourt agreed and took the company to an overwhelming growth, and he is now the current President of Hawkers Co.

Alejandro Betancourt used a technique that was quite unpopular during those days as it was in the mid-2010s. He decided to use a very cheap advertising method to maximize the profits. He employed intelligent use of Instagram, which helped the word get across easily. He became among the first entrepreneurs to employ influencer marketing on social media.

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