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Sameday Health Launches New Inner Beauty IV Drip Service

August 3, 2022

Sameday Health, a renowned diagnostics, and fitness firm released a new version of the Inner Beauty IV drip treatment. The service will be available in Sameday Health centers around the country, where wellness treatments are provided to help clients maintain good skin, hair, nails, and blood cells, among other advantages. According to Sameday Health, healthcare…

Frances Fragos Townsend's history

July 17, 2022

Fran Townsend is an American attorney who served as the second Assistant to the President of the United States. She is a national security expert and political commentator. The Early Years Fran Townsend was born in Mineola, New York. She was raised Catholic. In 1982 she graduated with a B.A. in political science and a…

Ryan Bishti Successful Restaurant Openings

July 15, 2022

Ryan Bishti has been expanding the reach of his hospitality sector innovations for nearly two decades, having established himself as a hospitality sector innovator. He began his business career with degrees in psychology and marketing, which he used to build the foundation of his business strategy. Bishti has launched new hospitality monuments with London during…

Bhanu Choudhrie’s Personal Life and Successful Career

July 13, 2022

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in June 1978 and is a British-Indian entrepreneur and businessman. He graduated from Harvard Business School and Boston University, where he studied international business and marketing. These courses helped him a lot in his move to the business world. In 1999, he became an intern at JP Morgan Chase & Co….

Accomplished Producer Damien Granderson

July 11, 2022

As a founding partner of premier boutique entertainment firm GDR, entertaiment lawyer and media personality Damien Granderson is at the forefront of music in the entertainment industry. He has been a pioneer in the music business, as he has been involved with all aspects of the entertainment industry. Damien is a high-profile and sought-after celebrity…

The Best Construction Managers at Hughes Marino

July 11, 2022

Hughes Marino Buyer and Tenant Representation firm has been in the market for more than ten years. The family-owned company focuses on creating an equitable space for its clients looking to make important decisions about acquiring properties and managing them.   Reliable Services Hughes Marino understands that for many years, client representation has been one…

 Mahmoud Khattab on the Global Health Care Outlook

July 2, 2022

One of the biggest changes in the healthcare industry is the shift toward a more distributed health care model, with unprecedented trends in remote care, telemedicine, and home-based health care services. According to the Bloomberg Innovation Index, over $100 billion will be invested in cloud-based software and virtual and augmented reality technology to support home…

Alejandro Betancourt : visionary investor

July 2, 2022

Hawkers Co. is a company based in Spain which has sold millions of sunglasses. However, it has a very humble beginning, and its success story is tied to bringing the right personnel into the company. One of these personnel was Alejandro Betancourt, who is a visionary investor. He came up with brilliant ideas and brought…

Fran Townsend is the Former Homeland Security Advisor

June 30, 2022

Fran/ Frances Townsend Fran Townsend is the former Director of National Intelligence and the Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. In this capacity, she advised President George W. Bush on national security and foreign policy matters, served as the president’s primary liaison to the U.S. intelligence community, and supervised all U.S. counterterrorism…

 Alfons Hörmann talks about the future of German sports

June 29, 2022

Alfons Hörmann, President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), recently gave a speech at the annual general meeting of the DOSB in which he outlined his vision for the future of German sport. In his address, Hörmann emphasized the importance of investing in athletes and promoting grassroots sports. he also complained about the unfavorable…