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Health Carousel Invests In Nursing Sustainability Initiatives

November 21, 2022

Health Carousel Invests in Nursing Sustainability Initiatives Clinic Administrator, Karen Perez-Fogle, is committed to helping healthcare facilities achieve their sustainability goals. Health Carousel has been a leader in supporting sustainable practices to meet the needs of tomorrow’s communities. It includes current investments in projects and programs that provide education, research, and experience with environmental stewardship…

Sameday Health Launches New Inner Beauty IV Drip Service

August 3, 2022

Sameday Health, a renowned diagnostics, and fitness firm released a new version of the Inner Beauty IV drip treatment. The service will be available in Sameday Health centers around the country, where wellness treatments are provided to help clients maintain good skin, hair, nails, and blood cells, among other advantages. According to Sameday Health, healthcare…