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Matthew Mansell Discusses Cooperation

May 16, 2023

Matthew Mansell is a former rugby player and entrepreneur. He founded Athlo, an app that lets you rent gym memberships, class packs, and personal trainers. The startup has been so successful that he has been named on e of the most influential people in new fitness by Men’s Health and given the title of “Fittest…

Matthew Mansell, Athlo Founder, on Cooperation over Competition in Building Successful Startups

February 7, 2023

Matthew Mansell, the founder of Athlo, firmly believes in the power of cooperation over competition when building a successful startup. His vision as the Athlo founder aims to revolutionize the fitness industry, is to create the next fitness unicorn and build a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for health and wellness. With…

Athlo, Excelling Even After Covid-19

December 13, 2022

The Covid—19 pandemic distracted businesses, for those who were also employed lost their jobs while others were forced to work from home. For the three years that the pandemic has affected the world, the provision of goods and services has changed. Those who were able to visit stores and other social places to get services…