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Citizen App Create A New Feature Aimed At Improving User Security Needs

June 14, 2022

The U.S. crime Citizen App is rolling out its first paid tool, aimed at helping users stay safe from crime or other dangers in their lives such as domestic violence and sexual assault. The free and universal app lets users create an emergency *Help* button that quickly connects them to safety agents nearby who can…

Learn More About The Founder Of Citizen Application

April 26, 2022

Andrew Frame is a well-known industrialist, CEO and founder of Citizen application. This app is based on the 911 intelligence to combine local information thus keeping the community safe. Frame has been recognized as the top young entrepreneur in 2017 with the potential to bring significant changes in the digital world. He was raised up…


April 19, 2022

The Citizen App was first developed back for Android only. However, after a couple of updates, it now also supports iOS. The original plan focused on crime reporting, but they quickly realized how much data there was available. They then decided to expand the scope of the app to include all types of law enforcement….

Lessons Haroldo Jacobovicz Learned From His Profession That Everyone Can Benefit From

July 26, 2021

Born in Brazil and raised in the United States, Haroldo Jacobovicz grew up in a diverse neighborhood in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Leblon. In the early 1970s, Jacobovicz was involved in the urban guerrilla movement. Because of his activities with the guerrilla group, he was classified as a leftist extremist and was even…