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Chris Terry is the CEO of IM Academy. This online training company specializes in self-paced instruction on how to build a fulfilling and successful career in the internet marketing industry. Chris is an entrepreneur at heart and has developed a passion for teaching others about business development.

In 2013, Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy, started the academy to meet the growing demand for internet marketing training. When he began his company, he felt that most training contents needed to be completed or updated. He created an online academy where anyone could learn about internet marketing in one comprehensive place.

He contributes to the community through the following

  1. Education

Chris’ passion is to educate others on how to be successful online through training courses, workshops, and speaking engagements. He finds utmost pleasure in helping others develop skills and knowledge for success.

  1. Service

Chris also gives back to the community by being a philanthropist; he believes that helping underprivileged children is an important part of his life because no one should have to grow up without hope for a brighter future.

  1. Philanthropy

He started a charity called, Teach for America. The charity is dedicated to giving kids the opportunity to pursue their education and become role models in the community.

Chris also created IM Academy’s first scholarship program, the IM Scholarship Program (IMSP), in 2013.

  1. Internet Marketing

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO is a leading internet marketing expert, and he regularly writes on internet marketing topics on his blog.

  1. Teaching

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy has been featured on the covers of Internet Marketing Magazine, Internet Business Mastery Magazine, IMScam, and Authority Intellect, as well as in articles with Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Profit Magazine. He has also been a speaker at industry events such as Affiliate Summit West 2014 and Tropical Affluence 2014.

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