The Citizen App was first developed back for Android only. However, after a couple of updates, it now also supports iOS. The original plan focused on crime reporting, but they quickly realized how much data there was available. They then decided to expand the scope of the app to include all types of law enforcement.

Citizen App used crowdsourcing to notify people about suspicious activity at the scene. They also use real-time police scanner traffic to alert people when things go wrong. Some people think this is bad because they encourage vigilantes to take matters into their own hands. Others say that this method helps reduce crime, as criminals hear about crimes happening all around them.

When Citizen alerts a crime, they ask local police departments about crimes near them. If you answer back that there was no crime reported close to where you live, you help solve the crime faster. The idea is really to allow people to help each other.

We are excited about our new Protect features, which allow us to connect callers with a local Citizen agent who can assist them at any given moment. This technology allows Citizens across the U.S. to be proactive and help keep our communities safe. We are confident this tool will save lives.

This new technology lets you create a virtual “panic button” for your subscribers, letting them know when they need help. If someone dials into the support line and presses the panic button, the call will be routed to your office immediately. In addition, we are working on other features, such as sending emergency alerts if a subscriber has been missing for days. Citizen App started as a consumer-focused company that would allow users to create profiles for themselves. acquired the company. Now Citizen helps businesses manage customer relationships through software. See this page for related information.


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