Colcom Foundation: Extinction Crisis Remedy

It’s normal for a species to go extinct; competition or environmental change can cause it to happen. The human population, however, is currently on the brink of doing something that’s never been done before: causing a rapid, global extinction event for all species. Overpopulation and overconsumption is the main driving force behind the Sixth Mass Extinction.

However, there are some bright spots on our horizon. Colcom Foundation believes that we can avoid this extinction event with a number of actions taken by governments and organizations – namely increased efforts in sustainable consumption and population control.

Colcom Foundation is supporting efforts to reverse this phenomenon, focusing on financing projects that provide a positive change to the status quo.

  1. Family Planning

The largest cause of overpopulation, and thus extinction, is uncontrolled reproduction. Unplanned pregnancies are an inevitable result of human reproduction, but family planning efforts can help to slow the population growth.

Through education, entertainment, and mass media, the foundation will help to increase awareness of the need to avoid overpopulation. The foundation will also be facilitating funding for family planning organizations, such as Population Media Center, which continue their work around the world.

  1. Sustainable Production

Sustainable methods of production can reduce the use of fossil fuels, which would bring down carbon emissions significantly. It also reduces pressure on global resources and allows for a more sustainable population growth rate. Using fewer resources will allow for a greater number of species to survive as well.

Colcom Foundation will support projects that produce energy and resources with new, more sustainable methods.

  1. Sustainable Immigration

The foundation will support efforts to improve the quality of life of immigrants, while at the same time controlling population growth through reduced immigration.

Colcom Foundation will support projects that help to reduce poverty and inequality in countries of origin, and provide needed infrastructure and resources.

  1. Conservation

Conservation efforts are vital for ensuring biodiversity and preserving ecosystems. As more people move into nature, however, more animals are becoming displaced from their natural habitats on a global scale.

The foundation will support projects that help to ensure that species are protected and conserved.

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