Damien Granderson Talks about the Development of Social Media

Damien Granderson is a business man and marketing strategist from Toronto. Along with his company Damien Granderson Marketing, he has worked on national brands like Pepsi, Blackberry, and Dell. The New York Times publishes several articles written by him about marketing strategy for major companies like Jägermeister or Adidas – these articles are often translated into German or French to be published in relevant markets as well.


Early Life


The attorney studied marketing at York University in Toronto, Canada, where he met his future business partner and friend Wayne Moore. He gained experience working with several major brands, such as Sanyo, Blackberry and Dell. After finishing his studies, Damien Granderson worked for a year as a brand manager for Motorola before starting as an independent blogger and marketer.


Damien Granderson Marketing


Since 2001, the successful entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson Marketing has been working with major companies to successfully expand their markets by creating awareness about their brands among different target groups and industries. His clients include Pepsi, Jägermeister, Nivea, and Adidas. Damien has written several articles for the New York Times, which have been translated into German and French.


Social Media Marketing

In 2001 successful attorney Damien Granderson started his marketing, advertising, and social media blog. In 2002 he wrote a guest article for the New York Times about the development of social media and how it will affect businesses. Since then, the New York Times has published several articles written by Damien Granderson on marketing in general and social media strategy in particular. His most popular article, “Targeting Technology Adopters,” was read more than 1100 times within 90 minutes after publication.