Diogo Corona: An Overview

TotalPass is a company that offers an online health insurance plan in addition to other health and fitness services offered by Smart Fit. In the last few years, it has become a reference for many people looking for a health insurance plan with a low premium.

TotalPass was founded by Diogo Corona and his brother, Edgard Corona. The company has grown rapidly in recent years, offering its services to more than 1 million people. It has also expanded its presence outside Brazil, with clients in Mexico and Colombia.

TotalPass is known for its system of rewards and incentives, which encourages users to keep their medical cards active and use them regularly. Users can earn points that they can redeem when they need to pay hospital bills or medicines. The company also invested heavily in technology, building a system that works on smartphones and tablets so that customers can access these services wherever they are at any time.

TotalPass offers six different plans: Basic Plan, Premium Plan, Gold Plan, Platinum Plan and Diamond Plan (which are available only for senior citizens). Each plan has its own benefits and coverage limits, depending on the type of plan chosen by the user.

After coming up with Smart Fit, a company that produces medical device and products based on wearable technology for personal fitness and physical therapy, Diogo Corona saw the need for more medical services throughout Brazil. This significantly led to the creation of TotalPass to offer more than just traditional fitness services.

The entrepreneur is known for being open about his health condition. He suffers from chronic pain caused by injuries sustained during competitive sports as a child and teenage athlete. In addition to managing his physical condition through medication, Diogo Corona also takes advantage of technology like Total Pass Visa to access medical services abroad when traveling or if he needs specialized care unavailable at home. Go Here for related Information.