Don Manifold Helps Equity & Advisory Grow Tenfold

Don Manifold is one of the most recognized experts in mergers and acquisitions, divestments, and business valuation. He has been in business for more than three decades during which time he has been part of more than 60 major business transactions acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs among others. He started working while still in college in Adelaide. Later, he traveled around the world and worked in Sydney, London, Melbourne, and Papua New Guinea. In 2006, he came back to Adelaide to work for KMPG.

In 2012, Don Manifold left KMPPG for Ernst & Young where he served until 2018. Before he left Ernst & Young, he was the Office Managing Partner. He left the business because he wanted to go out on his own and this is when he founded Manifold Advisory Partners. Since founding the business, he has maintained professional relationships with several businesses. He has been Chair Advisory Board at RAM Equipment, ADX Depot, and Hybrid Ag among other businesses.

In 2018, he also joined Equity & Advisory. When he came in, the business had been dormant for five years. His task was simple, restart the business and get clients streaming in again. Four years later, he has been able to grow the business tenfold. He uses his degree in Economics and master’s in business administration and his experience of three decades to help businesses and grow Equity & Advisory.

Don Manifold is a team player. Talking during an interview, Don noted that the success of his company, Manifold Advisory Partners, and that of Equity & Advisory, are based on how well his team works. To create new ideas, he notes that the team comes together and brainstorms on hundreds of ideas.

For three months or more, they will focus on the most important ideas, and they vote on what to work on. Currently, Don Manifold is excited by Artificial Intelligence, and he notes that there are endless opportunities that he hopes to explore as he helps several businesses find their footing and expand.

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