Evvy and Their Plan To Help Women

Evvy is a startup created by Stanford alumni. This startup managed to accrue $5 million in a round of funding. Examples of investors include Box Group, Virtue, Human Ventures, and more.

The startup launched to the public in 2021 with their Evvy Vaginal Health Test. This test has women insert a swab into their vagina and send it back to get results on their vaginal microbiome. With this data, women can understand why they are dealing with vaginal issues, like bacterial vaginosis.


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The team at Evvy includes many prestigious university alumni, like Dr. Diana Currie, Dr. Ava Manieri, Dr. Momo Vuyisich, Dr, Craig Cohen, and more. Each member worked to create a test that properly scanned users for the symptoms they want to know about, along with making sure that this test would be easily available to any woman in the United States.

The test is currently available on their website for $129. A woman from any state of the United States can purchase the test and send it from their location.

As a female-focused startup, Evvy doesn’t plan on the test to be their only product. The company hopes to raise more money to create products that can help women diagnose and treat issues specific to them.

Learn more about Evvy: https://about.me/evvyweb