Fortress Investment Group on Acquisitions of DigitalBridge and BrightSpire Capital Assets

Fortress Investment Group is a private equity firm that acts as an alternative global asset manager for clients. In 2021, Fortress Investment Group LLC managed approximately $54.2 billion(1) (2) in assets on behalf of its clients. The private equity firm started in 1998, and the company manages assets on behalf of over 1,800 institutional and individual customers throughout the globe. The firm has been working to become the general partner of DigitalBridge based in New York. General partners and managers of DigitalBridge are Fortress Investment Group after the complete acquisition of almost $730 million. As for the underlying assets, they’re spread over a range of investment types, including debt and equity, and the asset class comprises real estate, hotels, land, and multifamily.

Because of its 25-year track record of investing in and monitoring companies throughout the digital ecosystem, Digital Bridge has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious real estate investment trusts (REITs). A $40 billion network is managed by DigitalBridge exclusive partners and owners. BrightSpire Capital, a commercial real estate credit firm, is a large publicly listed credit corporation in the area of real estate, specialized in various parts of a varied portfolio of commercial real estate assets. The New York BrightSpire Capital was established in 2006 and has its headquarters there.

The acquisition was in process for about six months and both companies worked hard to complete it. Fortress has acquired five assets that are considered historical development under the terms of the BrightSpire. According to DigitalBridge, CFO Jacky Wu expressed the thrill to have met the goal of completing the transaction before the end of 2014. The CFO of DigitalBridge added gratitude to both Fortress Investment Group and the DigitalBridge team for their efforts in making the transaction a success. According to BrightSpire’s COO, the transaction will streamline and complete the company’s portfolio. Go Here for related Information.