Greg Aziz Business Leader of Azizonomics

Greg Aziz is a remarkable example of a successful young entrepreneur you should pay keen attention to. He is the founder and CEO of Azizonomics, a platform that answers questions about today’s economy in real-time. He shares his knowledge with an online audience from the perspective of a modern-day economist.


Azizonomics contains millions of visitors who benefit from his free content, which he produces continuously and almost daily. The successful businessman has built a strong following for himself by providing people with the insights they are looking for about economics and entrepreneurship. Greg Aziz is one step closer to making business success and entrepreneurship easier to understand for everyone in this world. 


He is an expert in economics, marketing, and new media. He has given public speeches in over 100 countries and taught online seminars to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Greg Aziz graduated from Harvard University, where he majored in economics. Before founding Azizonomics, he founded a company that works with other companies on content creation for their websites. 


Greg Aziz's Vision for Railroad Manufacturing

He was also one of the founders of a very successful new media company called American Popular Culture, that “changed the way people communicate with each other.” He has written articles on Forbes that thousands of people have viewed. Greg Aziz also appears on Bay News 9 in San Francisco to discuss consumer culture and economics. Greg is the author of “The Future of Capitalism: 

How Today’s Entrepreneurs are Transforming Markets, Businesses, and Our Lives.” This book provides insights into how technology affects business models, the economy, and society. The business expert was featured on a special with CNN International. Greg Aziz was interviewed by BBC World Services from London, where he gave a speech at BBC Global Radio that aired nationally over BBC Radio 4 in the United Kingdom.