Greg Aziz, Chairman of Bombardier Transportation Ltd

Business leader Greg Aziz had an outstanding vision and passion to see the former railway car-manufacturing plant in Sheffield, Ontario. He re established as a steel plant reshaped the Canadian steel industry.  Aziz was born in Syria, and immigrated to Canada at age 15 with his family.  He graduated from Sir George Williams University.


Later on, he went on to study business administration at the McGill School of Management and then obtained his MBA at McMaster University in Hamilton. In 1978 Greg Aziz joined Bombardier Transportation Ltd. as an executive vice president and became President and CEO of Bombardier Transportation Ltd. in 1985.


On June 27, 2014 Greg Aziz announced his retirement from Bombardier Transportation Ltd. He began working at the plant in 1978 and has been a pivotal figure in the rebirth of the railroad plant, which had been built by the federal Crown corporation Canadian National Railway Co. during World War II to make train cars for munitions transportation. 


Greg Aziz Railroad Industry Leader

The company also makes other products, including flat-bottomed rail cars and tankers, but its main focus is making boxcars for the North American market. Aziz has been recognized as a leader in business, particularly in the steel industry (Facebook). 


The serial entrepreneur Greg Aziz was named president of Canada’s Outstanding CEO of the Year by Waterstone Human Capital in 2004 and received the Minister of Industry’s Award for Leadership Excellence in 2005. In 2012, he was inducted into Canada’s Outstanding CEO Hall of Fame for his outstanding achievements as a Canadian CEO and was selected as an inductee into McMaster University’s Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame for his excellence in business and community leadership.