Happy Joe’s Gourmet Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor

In 1972, Happy Joe’s American Pizza Parlor holiday parties began when their founder, Happy Joe Whitty, pledged to make sure that every family with special needs kids felt accepted at Happy Joe’s. Apart from the two-year gap in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, there has never been a year without these events.


After a two-year time out due to the COVID pandemic, Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream, in collaboration with the Happy Joe’s Kids Foundation, will host its annual special needs children holiday parties. Tom Sacco, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of the American Pizza Parlor wishes for every youngster in the company’s hometown of Quad Cities to have this experience; similarly, he desires it available throughout all Happy Joe’s locations. 


The firm has circulated a release stating this. Several franchisees from Happy Joe’s Pizza Parlor individually organize celebrations tailored to their special-needs populace. Tom Sacco noted in the declaration that giving back is crucial during the festivities. “We would love to grant children who are differently abled a wonderful holiday,” he declared. 


Happy Joe´s Kids Foundation

“Happy Joe’s stands out regarding extraordinary cuisine and exciting get-togethers. We’ve planned these occasions, so these remarkable kids feel appreciated and accepted alongside everyone else (Places).

The renowned Midwestern pizza firm is pleased to disclose that it will organize its legendary celebrations exclusively for people with disabilities during the holiday season. Sacco, along with the Happy Joe’s team, will provide nourishment and leisure activities to these exceptional visitors with their educators, caregivers, and families. Our pizza parlor is America’s most popular gourmet pizza place. Happy Joe was informed that this is the best event of their holidays for several of these children, and their tutors and guardians are delighted that such parties are returning.