Heath Ritenour Discusses His Insurance Industry Career and Personal Battles

Heath Ritenour is an accomplished insurance industry leader currently serving as the Insurance Office of America (IOA) CEO. IOA is one of the most prosperous independent insurance brokers in the United States. Founded in 1998 by Heath’s father, John Ritenour, the company has built its success over decades to now, where it’s dominating the insurance brokerage segment. Recently, the IOA CEO discussed his insurance industry career success and personal battles.

The making of an excellent insurance sector business leader

The IOA CEO revealed that his first professional encounter with the insurance sector was during his college internship, which he did at this father’s company. He revealed that he made it clear that although his father was the company’s CEO, he did not expect or want any special treatment from the get-go. After completing his university education, Heath Ritenour went back to IOA, where he was hired as an insurance sales agent. His job involved making roughly 100 cold calls daily, which he did for nearly 12 years before being appointed the firm’s CEO in 2008.

While working as an insurance sales agent, he understood that business success wa not all about making sales, as creating long-term relationships with customers that win their loyalty was more important. In 2019, Heath became the Chairman of IOA. The firm was ranked #11 on the 2020 Top 50 Commercial Lines list by Insurance Journal.

Overcoming tremendous personal battles

Heath Ritenour revealed that he has always been a healthy person for most of his life because he has always maintained a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it was a big surprise to him when one day, in his early 40s, he went to the doctor for a checkup, and he was diagnosed with cancer. Despite the damning diagnosis, Heath chose to be a shining star that gives hope to others who might also be struggling with cancer.

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