Intellectual Property Rights Expert Damien Granderson

Damien Granderson is a highly respected entertainment attorney who has built a career dedicated to protecting and advocating for the interests of his clients in the music industry. As founding partner and chair of Granderson Des Rochers, LLP’s Music Practice, the entertainment lawyer works tirelessly for songwriters, performers, publishers, producers, and other music industry professionals.


Entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson is well-known for his extensive experience and knowledge of copyright law, which he incorporates into his clients’ services. He has developed a reputation as one of the most effective negotiators in the business and has successfully helped hundreds of clients protect their intellectual property rights. Additionally, Mr. Granderson has successfully navigated the complexities of music industry contract law to ensure his clients get the best possible deals.


Mr. Granderson also provides valuable legal advice to those interested in entering the music business. He is an expert on record label contracts, royalty agreements, and other topics associated with launching a musical career. Damien Granderson´s advice helps clients avoid costly mistakes and ensures that they are well-positioned to succeed in the industry.


In addition to his practice, Damien Granderson is heavily involved in the music community. He regularly speaks at conferences and seminars on entertainment law, intellectual property rights, and other aspects of the music industry. He is also a frequent contributor to industry publications, offering his unique perspective on legal topics.



Damien Granderson’s vast expertise in entertainment law makes him an invaluable resource for established and aspiring music industry professionals. His commitment to protecting the interests of his clients, combined with his exceptional knowledge of copyright law, makes him a leader in the field and an invaluable asset to those he serves. Many established and aspiring music industry professionals turn to Damien Granderson for quality legal services.