Jason Hope By PC World Magazine

Jason Hope is an independent consultant and researcher in human-computer interaction. He developed the SMARTBoard, which he sold to a company called Smart Technologies. he founded his own company called eCards Labs Inc., which sells customized greeting cards to people over the internet and to companies.


Activist investor Jason Hope has been an entrepreneur and consultant for many years, beginning as a programmer in his early teens. He is credited with being one of the first programmers to foreshadow the rise of the World Wide Web, designing a series of dedicated servers and web interfaces. He worked as a programmer and designer at several consulting companies with clients such as Kodak, Johnson & Johnson, Novell, and IBM. 


Haynes graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where he studied computer science. Furthermore, the business gurú Jason Hope is an alumnus of the Harvard University Advanced Management Program. He is also known for his eCards and has been featured on CNN and others for his philanthropy utilizing the platform, especially during the holidays. Haynes’ innovation has been featured in several international media outlets, including CNN, Bloomberg TV, and The Wall Street Journal.


Jason Hope On Stem Cell Research

Jason Hope was featured in Canada’s Degrassi: The Next Generation episode with his cousin; in there, he played himself as a guest star in the episode airing. After The Next Generation episode, he also appeared on the show to talk about how he started his business through eCards. Hope is best known for the product he developed, called the SmartBoard interactive whiteboard system, which he sold to a company called Smart Technologies Inc., which he founded. 


The product received the Editor’s Choice Award from PC Magazine and was named “one of the best air products of the year” by PC World magazine. Jason Hope sold Smart Technologies Inc to a private equity firm and is now an independent consultant. His company, eCards Labs, sells customized greeting cards to people over the internet as well as to companies. 

He also writes a monthly newsletter distributed to thousands of subscribers, discussing technology trends and other issues. Activist investor Jason Hope is closely linked to his cousin Michael, who plays Doug’s character on Degrassi. Michael Haynes‘ father created the role of Mike Muir, an IT guy at the high school. The two cousins have known each other since childhood but did not meet until they were adults.