Jason Hughes San Diego

Jason Hughes and his wife Shay are the proprietors of the famous Hughes Marino, a commercial property firm based in San Diego and its environs. He is the company executive director and the current chairman of the board of directors at Hughes Marino. Jason Hughes is also the company’s current Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of the commercial sale-leaseback transactions company he founded and incorporated in 1980. Jason has extensive experience in managing and running a sale-leaseback transactions property firm.


Throughout his career, he has worked in several commercial property firms, with the last one being the Cushman & Wakefield. This commercial property operates within Los Angeles around the Century City area. It’s important to note that Jason Hughes did not venture into entrepreneurship immediately, but he had a long career in multiple fields. Jason served in various organizations in San Diego, where he relocated after moving from Los Angeles. 


Jason Hughes served in several multinational corporations and global nonprofit organizations. One of the areas that he succeeded much while performing in San Diego was around municipal tenants, where he was pretty influential and instrumental in drafting the lease and purchase negotiations. Jason Hughes managed municipal tenants for about three decades successfully.

Once successful businessman and CEO Jason Hughes left the world of employment, he ventured into business, and he incorporated his Hughes Marino company with the help of his wife, Shay. They have managed the sale-leaseback transactions company for the past 20 years, where the company has grown from a startup to a huge corporation that has made a mark on the property industry around San Diego. The company has offered exclusive support and services to the tenets and those looking to acquire property in San Diego.