Joey Feste: Sustaining athletes investment

Joey Feste established KM capital management, a firm specializing in providing financial skills to professionals in sports. He is also the actuary and a portfolio manager. His venture has been in existence for two years now. Their primary aim is to help athletes sustain their investment plans. The investment advisor firm began in 2015 when he decided to launch this new venture alongside two other experienced financial advisors specializing in tax planning and asset protection.

Because of their capabilities, they have helped professional athletes formulating successful retirement plans. Most of them get represented by some of the top names in sports like football players, basketball players, and baseball players. One of the things that makes him unique compared to others is that he was able to help an athlete who had just retired to build up a portfolio around his passion and future career in sports broadcasting.

He advises athletes heads into retirement or those 3beginning to enter the league to look at their investments as an extension of their career. They must invest in an area that can increase over time. Another option for athletes is investing in real estate.

Feste has had a passion for helping other people understand financial matters and make sound investment decisions since high school, through his experience working part-time with a local CPA firm, which also gave him a crash course on accounting.

Joey Feste set up the venture to help players and former players keep growing their wealth after retirement through structured products, stocks, and alternative investments like using real estate as an asset class. He also has knowledge in financial planning, which allows him to develop solutions that work best for athletes after their careers are over.

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