Keter Sustainability Efforts

Everyday sustainability at Keter means that we must be as efficient as possible with our resources and we should also try to reduce the environmental impact of our products on the planet.There are three main reasons for implementing sustainable practices at Keter:


Firstly, many of our products are used outdoors and in the garden so we must take into account the environment.

Secondly, our customers care about the environment and expect to purchase environmentally friendly products from us. We have a large number of returning customers who believe in our sustainable practices that is why we need to maintain these standards.

Thirdly, Keter has numerous competitors who also produce polywood furniture so we must utilize all of our resources wisely to stay competitive in the marketplace.

With the new Keter products coming out for 2010 and beyond, we will continue to work hard to improve our sustainability and create more environmentally friendly products.

Because of the economy, we have had to cut some costs. Therefore, we have decided to reduce the amount of resources that we use in our plants as well as pilot carbon-reduction projects.

We are also starting a newsletter which will inform our customers about our new greener products and give them tips on how to improve their own home with Keter furniture. This communication tool will allow us to identify the key environmental issues that are important to our customers and provide them with the information they need for a more sustainable lifestyle. It will also help us get feedback from our customers on what other eco-friendly features they would like on future Keter products.