Launch House: A Lineup of Game Changers

Launch House is the ideal platform for emerging leaders looking to take their impact and influence to new heights. Their diverse, international cohort of founders, engineers, and investors bring a fresh perspective on how they construct the collective tomorrow. And with access through their membership program – including coliving residencies in major cities worldwide as well as one-of-a-kind conferences.

Launch House is more than just a place to sharpen your skills – it’s where relationships are cultivated and opportunity flourishes. They offer executive coaching, fundraising support, and unlimited courses across the globe in notable cities. Launch House provide an environment dedicated to learning and growth beyond simple networking connections. You get to enjoy mutually beneficial bonds built on purpose instead.

House Capital is leading the way in revolutionizing venture capitalism, bringing together both conventional and crowd-sourced funds to reach new worlds of accredited investors. This remarkable transition from a basic capital economy toward one based on ownership has been undeniably successful, with firms like Weekend Fund and Earnest Capital raising millions over recent years.

Every year, they offer thousands of elite applicants the opportunity of a lifetime. With locations in some of the world’s most vibrant cities — from Los Angeles to New York City and even online through their Metaverse hub — it is only fitting that its selection process is as prestigious as its scope.

House Capital Limited Partnership is a who’s-who of tech innovators, media moguls, and renowned athletes. Dropbox, YouTube, and Riot Games co-founders join forces with industry power players like Michael Ovitz to form an elite group that also boasts ace investor Andrew Chen (a16z), Rick Yang (NEA), and James Currier(NFX). To cap it off: YouTuber Peter Hollens & Bored Elon Musk round out the lineup.

House Capital is proud to have a top-notch lineup of game changers, who are invested in building the new entrepreneur. Under Jacob Peter’s leadership as GP at Launch House and its collaborative network, we stand strong in our mission to propel disruptive startup teams towards success.

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