MAIS Consulting CEO and Founder, Krishen Iyer.

Krishen Iyer is the founder and owner of MAIS Consulting, a company based in Encinitas. The prolific businessman was born and raised in California. After that, he earned his degree in Public Administration at San Diego State University. Immediately after graduating from University, Krishen Iyer joined the insurance field. MNP Insurance was the first company that Iyer founded. In 2015, the company entered the Inc. 5000 due to its phenomenal growth. 


After launching MNP Insurance, he became the founder of Managed Benefits Services (MBS). According to Krishen Iyer, the company’s goal is to generate leads using the quality analytical process for its clients. As a result, potential clients turn into customers for your client’s businesses. Currently, Krishen Iyer is the CEO of MAIS Consulting, a consultancy company that guides other companies on excellent strategies, marketing, and contracting. His success comes from his determination to improve and deliver the best quality for his clients. 

He prefers meeting his clients during the morning hours to spend the remainder of the day coming up with viable solutions for each client. Additionally, Iyer makes time to participate in philanthropic activities. Krishen Iyer is an active member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. After the earthquake hit Haiti, Iyer helped with the relief efforts for the affected families. Apart from being an avid soccer fan, he likes spending his free time playing chess and tennis with his family.