Molekule Air Purifier

Molekule has developed an air purifier that, unlike conventional ones, that also detects airborne bacteria. Is it going to transform the way we clean our homes? Until now, the has mainly targeted a specific set of consumers. The aspirational ones who want to put an air purifier in their homes, but for whom the ambient air quality isn’t a big deal. In the current market, there are a whole bunch of air purifiers but none which can precisely and precisely monitor and deliver air quality information.

What Molekule has done is to bring air quality monitoring to the home with high precision. A white LED light illuminates the air in the room in different colours depending on the overall quality of the air in the room. This light is not only designed to indicate the quality of the air but can also be used to detect human odor. Measuring airflow with the laser-light from the main lamp gives a good indication about the overall air quality.

But to use it at home, you need to install a device which acts as a sensors and controller. The device in question – the Molekule Review Air Purifier – looks like a small white mini lamp with a small hole. An airflow sensor is fitted at the top of the lamp which is connected to a main device which is attached to the wall.

The main device is a WiFi router that plugs into the mains and has a Bluetooth adapter to connect to your smartphone. A simple swipe to the app and you’re done.

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