Navigating the Cloud: An Expert’s Perspective on Digital Sovereignty

Tom Keane, a long-time executive in the tech industry. He is widely recognized for his experience and expertise in cloud computing, digital sovereignty, and cyber security. With a career spanning several decades, Keane has been at the forefront of many of the most significant developments in the industry, and his insights and perspectives are highly valued by both government and commercial organizations.


One of Tom Keane’s key areas of focus is digital sovereignty, which refers to the ability of nations and organizations to control their own digital infrastructure and data. In an article he authored, “Why Azure for Government is Your Best Choice: The Most Comprehensive CJIS Compliance,” Keane explains the importance of this issue, stating, “As governments and agencies move more of their data and applications to the cloud it’s critical that they have the ability to keep that data and those apps within their own sovereign boundaries.”


Keane is a strong advocate for the use of cloud computing in government and understands that security and compliance are the most important concerns. He believes that “Azure for Government is the best choice” as it provides the most comprehensive Compliance with Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliance. Tom Keane explains that this is a set of security policies that govern the management and handling of criminal justice information by state and local law enforcement agencies.


Tom Keane at Microsoft Ignite

In addition to his work on digital sovereignty, the successful cloud services engineer Tom Keane is also a leading voice in the area of cyber security. In a world where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and widespread, he believes that it is essential for organizations to have a robust and comprehensive strategy in place to protect their systems and data.

In conclusion, Tom Keane’s experience and expertise in cloud computing, digital sovereignty, and cyber security make him one of the most respected and influential figures in the tech industry. His insights and perspectives as a software developer are highly valued by both government and commercial organizations, and he continues to be a leading voice in shaping the future of the industry.