PosiGen is Providing Lighting to Families that Have Been Neglected by the Department of Energy

Over the years, the Department of Energy in the United States has been publishing very many reports about the access to electricity in the country. Most of the reports that this organization has been publishing always point out to a country that has been very effective in ensuring that almost every other person in the country can access sufficient electricity. However, according to Thomas Neyhart, the findings of PosiGen solar power company, there is a significant number of people in the United States that have never used any form of electricity in their homes. 


Most of the families in this category are those that have been struggling to make a living, and most of them have been living in the traditional community houses. Up to  now, there is very little that has been done to ensure that such families are able to access the necessary electricity. Posigen solar power company´s solar panels last for decades and produce no harmful emissions. So, as Thomas Neyhart states, people can enjoy the benefits of solar power for a very long time. PosiGen wants such problems to be addressed by the concerned authorities. States should be directing some of their budgets to the energy sector and ensure that people in the country are able to access the electricity that they need. 


However, such bodies have been doing very little to eliminate the problems that they have come across in the country over the years. That is why PosiGen is currently working hard to ensure that it is already addressing some of the extreme challenges in this area. Thomas Neyhart states that this company wants families that have never seen electricity in their homes to make use of the solar energy that the organization is currently offering so that they can move away from darkness and change their lives.

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