Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is Chairman •of AUREA Consulenti Associati SA, and a professional economist, with a rich experience in financial markets and a wide range of technical skills. Raffaele advises companies and governments. Raffaele Riva has been recognized for his analytical skills, high ethical standards, and contributions to developing economics as a science.

  1. Education

He holds a Degree in Economics from the University of Rome La Sapienza, where he obtained his Ph.D. with a thesis on the international trade of gold from the 18th to the 20th century. Raffaele’s professional career began at the National Bank of Italy Rome, where he was first an economist and then Deputy Head of the Economic Analysis Division. In 1968, Raffaele Riva was nominated as deputy director-general for Planning and Regional Development for the Italian Governmental Commission for Planning.

  1. Carrer History

In 1971, he was Deputy Under-secretary for Coordination and Development for the Italian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Between 1971 and 1976, Raffaele was responsible for economic planning and development, housing policy, industrial policy, and rural development in the Italian Governmental Commission for Planning. In 1976 Raffaele was one of the founders of Società di Valutazione e Studi (SVASE), an independent advisory and valuation company based in Rome. From 1976 to 1996, he was the Managing Director of SVASE.

In 1997, Raffaele assumed the role of Chairman in the International Advisory Board for Deloitte & Touche Brussels.

  1. Honours and recognition:

In 2000, Raffaele Riva was awarded an honorary doctorate by the “Università Bocconi di Milano.” In 2004, SVASE was named among the top 500 Italian companies in Euronext Brussels. In 2005, Raffaele was awarded the degree of ‘Ufficiale’ (Officer) of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic for his contributions to economic and social development in Italy. In 2012, Raffaele was nominated for the title ‘Ambassador for Europe.’ In 2014, Raffaele was nominated by Prince Emmanuel de Merode as a member of the Board of Directors of Safsol S.A.S., a company founded by Prince Emmanuel de Merode.

Aurea Consulenti Associati is a management consulting company (Consulting & Interim) focusing on companies and sectors undergoing major technological, economic, and social transformations.


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