Robert Kraft: A Business Mogul and Sports Icon

About Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is an American industrialist. Although he has invested in many areas, he is widely known for holdings in MSL’s New England Revolution, NFL’s New England Patriots, and their sports arena, Gillette Stadium. He was once a board member at mass media company, Viacom. Kraft graduated from high school in 1959.

From there, he proceeded to Columbia University where he earned a degree in history and economics. As a freshman, Kraft played football before an injury curtailed his career. He also served as the class president in college. Even after leaving, he remained an active member of Columbia University where he served as a trustee for two over ten years. In 2012, Columbia University inducted him into its Athletics Hall of Fame.

Kraft and his family have been active philanthropists in New England. They have donated and supported civic affairs and charities through donating money. Robert Kraft has received many awards including the John Jay Award, Alexander Hamilton Medal, Carnegie Hall Medal of Excellence Award, George Halas Award, and the Theodore Roosevelt Award.

Kraft’s Career and Sports Investment

After working at Rand-Whitney Group, Robert Kraft later established his own company called International Forest Products. The firm became one of the most successful paper trading companies in the United States. This success allowed him to focus on his passion for sports.

One of his notable investments in sports was in 1994 when he bought the New England Patriots for $175 million. This move was risky because by then, the football team was not doing well. The fans however showed Kraft tremendous support by buying almost 6,000 tickets. The Patriots also improved greatly and won seven consecutive games and qualified for the playoffs for the first time since the 1986 season. The Patriots have qualified for the playoffs more than ten times since Robert Kraft bought the team. They have also won ten AFC East titles. In 2007, they finished the regular season without losing any match. Visit this page for additional information.


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