Ryan Kavanaugh and Triller Announce Robust Programming for 2022

Ryan Kavanaugh and Triller’s Robust Programming for 2022


The TV network and the world’s foremost combat sports league, Triller Fight Club, is gearing up to brave a brand-new battle in its ongoing quest for the fighting future.

On April 25th, 2018, at 12:01 am PST, Forbes 400 member Ryan Kavanaugh would head to the ring for a professional bout against Juan Francisco Estrada this November as part of Triller Fight Club’s continued commitment to bringing premier entertainment content to its audience.

In a world where everything is bankable, Ryan Kavanaugh’s title fight against Estrada will be the first of many upcoming matchups. The main event slot on Triller Fight Club’s highly-anticipated November telecast will begin production in July, with filming commencing in August.

Emerging Business Fights

The emergence of business is becoming more relevant as content creation and distribution are moving towards a world where everything is bankable. If content can be created and distributed digitally, it can be financed and considered bankable.

Future Fights

Triller Fight Club’s following has grown exponentially since its launch in 2012. The following for its live events is growing exponentially, currently at just under 50 million subscribers on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, the platform is showing a solid following on Instagram, with over 140 million followers.

Recently, Triller Fight Club launched its first separate business venture in November 2017 with the political action committee “Triller PAC,” where it will be delivering bipartisan messages to America. The goal of the PAC is to bring together those who aren’t represented in the majority party and who are willing to give these messages across social media platforms.

“I know the focus has been entirely on my fight this month, but I am most excited about what the future holds for Triller Fight Club and its continued efforts to bring people together to express and discuss their ideas and concerns,” stated Ryan Kavanaugh.