Simon Denyer Briefs About International Olympics In Japan

It did not take long after the Tokyo Olympics that photos of a man who claimed to be the International Olympic Chairperson and President went viral. These photos and videos were claimed to be those of Thomas Bach, and they were captured while he was strolling around Tokyo’s shopping district, Ginza.

Thomas Bach is the man who pushed the Olympics game to be hosted in Japan regardless of the health crisis experienced globally and the taxpayers’ financial toll. Doing this played a significant contribution towards the growth of Tokyo’s economy and helping to bring everything back to its norm.

The recent Olympics held in Japan will always be remembered for the continuously burning flame on a Sunday that made the event electrifying. This is written in all posts, including the Washington Post. Both the opening and closing ceremony left everyone in awe regarding how impressive it was.

During this ceremony, several athletes were not present based on the Washington Post by Simon Denyer. According to Simon Denyer, the World Health Organization rules and regulations to help counter the spread of the Coronavirus needed the athletes to be out of the stadium 48 hours before the event came to an end. Doing this was a sure way to ensure that there were no more Coronavirus infections.

Simon Denyer also gives a brief story about Tom Daley, the British diver, and his position in the sports sector. He writes about Tom Daley and his significant contribution in the sports industry towards supporting and mentoring athletes to rise to prosperity.

Simon Denyer adds that the sports industry needs to pull up its socks to reach its target goal: prosperity. Another critical area required to be embraced by the sports sector is diversity. The number of LGBTQ who are part and parcel and active in the International Olympics is approximately 163.

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